About Antonio

Antonio was born in September of 1995 in Baltimore, Maryland. From a young age, his parents instilled a great love for this country as his father served in the United States Air Force and his mother emigrated here from Italy.

Antonio is a product of the Maryland education system all the way through his bachelor's degree which he received from Salisbury University in 2017. This experience in both private and public education has inspired him to place a large emphasis on school choice and common sense education legislation.

Like millions of Americans, Antonio lost his job due to COVID and during this time decided it was time to take charge and run for Congress. Apart from running for public office, Antonio is also a real estate agent.

As a candidate to represent you in the next Congress Antonio believes it's time to raise the bar and usher in a new era of Congress made of, by and, for the people.

As a constitutional conservative and catholic Antonio will preserve the values of life, liberty and, the pursuit of happiness.

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"I hope to serve as a beacon of hope for the conservative movement, a voice to the voiceless in the halls of Congress, and an inspiration for the younger generation whose voices currently fall on deaf ears."

-Antonio Pitocco