It’s Time to Balance the Maps

Updated: Feb 23

As we move closer and closer to the 2022 Elections, and the Citizens Redistricting Commission continues to hold meetings around the State of Maryland, it’s crucial that every single Marylander is invested and paying attention to how the outcome will affect each and every one of us.

Governor Larry Hogan has called the partisan gerrymandering in Maryland an embarrassment to our state and honestly, I have to agree with him. Where once the Maryland Congressional Delegation was split 4-4 between Republicans and Democrats, Democrats now hold a 7-1 advantage with Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) being the sole Republican representing our state at the federal level. Not only do the Democrats have an incredibly one-sided advantage in Maryland, but the state also has the unfortunate distinction of being home to one of the most gerrymandered districts in the entire nation: Congressional District 3, currently held by Congressman John Sarbanes.

The Third District isn't the only district in the state affected by this gerrymandering. Congressional Districts in Maryland are among the least compact and most gerrymandered in the country.

The fact of the matter is, partisan gerrymandering not only attempts to give advantage to one party over the other but it also results in the voices of voters being silenced at the ballot box. It prevents the exchange of new political ideas from emerging, deepens the political divide that is sweeping our nation, and delivers an incredible disservice to Marylanders here at home and to people across the country.

We need a better vision for the State of Maryland and in order to achieve that we have to usher in change — change that will not only allow us to be better represented in Washington and Annapolis, but also change that will allow us to progress as a society. A new generation requires new thoughts from new leaders and with the partisan gerrymandering we see in our great state, new leaders will be unable to emerge until the maps are balanced, fair, and free of partisan politics.

One of the biggest challenges we face today isn’t Republicans versus Democrats, it’s reformers against those that wish to maintain the status quo, and that desperately needs to change. The United States Constitution was built on checks and balances but more importantly, it was built on the will of the American People. When the districts we live in are so horribly gerrymandered, as they are here in Maryland, the will of the people goes out the window and directly into the hands of the corrupt politicians that enjoy treating their seats in our government as if they were lifetime appointments.

We are one of the first nations that fought in a revolution that did not seek to empower those that fought in it, but rather, empower the people as whole. Until we have fairly drawn maps, where every single Marylander feels accurately represented, we will get further and further away from empowering the people every single day. The fact is, congressional and legislative districts are something that affect citizens every single day whether they realize it or not and with the Citizens Redistricting Commission, Maryland has the opportunity to lead the charge in making real and lasting change — balancing the maps, taking the power back from the corrupt and giving it back to the people, the way our Founding Fathers intended it to be.

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