The Case Against H.R.1

Updated: Feb 23

If you have been keeping up with politics recently, you have heard about the disastrous legislation that is H.R. 1 — the “For the People Act.” It recently passed the House and is heading to the Senate this week. If you haven’t heard of it, let’s dive into how this legislation isn’t “For the People” at all, it’s for the politicians.

The bill’s author, Congressman John Sarbanes (D-MD), has called this bill a “once-in-a-generation reform effort [that] will end decades of dysfunction in Washington, return power to the people and build a more just, equitable and prosperous country for all Americans.”

Don’t get me wrong, when you put it like that, the legislation sounds amazing. Who wouldn’t want to make sure each and every person in America finally had the power of the federal government back in their hands? Who wouldn’t want to make voting more fair and equally accessible for all Americans? I’ll let you in on a little secret: H.R. 1 will not only silence your voice in Washington D.C., it will effectively federalize and micromanage the electoral process for years to come.

Let’s dive into just a few of the poison pills buried inside what I’m calling the ‘For the Politicians Act:’

Allows for 15 days of Early Voting

Allows for ballots to be accepted 10 days after Election Day.

Uses taxpayer money to fund political campaigns. Called the My Voice Voucher Program, it’s designed to give taxpayer funded gift cards to constituents to use for political donations and will used federal funds to match those donations (for General Elections, donations will be matched 6:1). It’s important to highlight that this is the part where you get stuck donating to politicians and/or candidates you don’t agree with.

Prevents the removal of ineligible voters from the voter rolls.

Legalizes ballot harvesting.

Mandates independent redistricting commissions instead of letting states create and draw congressional district lines.

Now lets recap real quick: H.R. 1 pretty much turns Election Day into Election Month, creates a political welfare system and forces constituents to donate to candidates they might not agree with, federalizes the drawing of congressional district lines, and will open the floodgates to potential fraud and irregularities in our elections. The reality is, H.R. 1 would deliver a decisive blow to honesty, integrity, and transparency in any and all future elections.

When it comes to our electoral process, we absolutely need reform. We need to make sure we are making it fair and equal for everyone, but there is nothing fair or just about manipulating the electoral process to favor ANY political party or to unilaterally alter the voices of the American people. Any type of election reform must be targeted and respect the authority individual states play in administering elections.

Not only is this bill bad, it’s a new partisan low, even by Washington standards.

If you care about your voice being heard in Washington, D.C. contact your Senator today and tell them to vote ‘no’ on H.R. 1.

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