term limits

There is a large and growing gap between representatives and their constituents. Far too many of our sitting representatives have held their seats for decades and treat these seats like lifetime appointments. This generational gap and inability to usher in new ideas has caused stagnation and growing division in our government. The constitution does not outline term limits for Congress, which has unfortunately been exploited by many individuals. As many of the leaders continue to grow their wealth and power we can no longer rely on these individuals to lose their races. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and many individuals wield this power to influence laws that impact their future elections. These impediments make it nearly impossible for newcomers to enter politics with the new ideas to enact change.

I have signed a pledge with the U.S. term limits organization and promise to limit my tenure in Congress and any other offices I seek in the future. This entails three terms in the House of Representatives and two terms in the Senate.